Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It was 1960 something...

So these are a couple of more pages for the in-laws scrapbook.  I am trying to scrapbook these in order, and I wanted to show them in their youth, having fun!!  The paper is from Stampin' Up, and is double sided so I used two sheets and used each side.  The journaling I found online at  I searched the year 1961 (the year they were married) and printed it out and used the more interesting details.  For example: a gallon of gas in 1961 was 27 cents, and the average income was $5315.00.  Crazy!!  Anyway, here are the pages:

I love the Elvis look of my FIL!!  :)

I don't have very many pics of my MIL, but I did find these!!  It's hard to see, but the bottom one on the tractor, she is wearing flip-flops!!  Classic!!  :)

Thanks for looking!!  :)

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