Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ayla's 1st Year Scrapbook

So I have been working on scrapbooks for my kids, and finally finished my daughters!!!  She will be 6 next month, so I am 5 years behind, but I got it done!!!  ☺  I didn't do a typical scrapbook for her.  I chose cute/funny pictures to scrapbook, and didn't really worry about recording the firsts.  I still plan on scrapbooking some of them, like the first time she crawled, etc.  I have a baby book that is half filled out with those important firsts recorded.  Maybe one day I will transfer them to a scrapbook page, but for now I am happy that I finally finished this!!  ☺

Cover photo:

Baby announcements that I made:

3-D Ultrasound:

Aug 07:

Sept 07:

 Oct 07:

 Nov 07:

 Dec 07:

 Jan 08:

 Feb 08:

 March 08:

April 08:

 May 08:

 June 08:

 July 08:

 Aug 08:

 Aug 08:

 Aug 08:

Cards from 1st birthday:

More cards:

Thanks for looking!!  ☺

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