Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ayla's Album Con't....

So I finally did the Feb 08 page.  I put aside the paper I thought I wanted to use, and instead put it to use on Valentines crafts, which I will show later, as they're not done yet!!  I didn't take many pictures in Feb 08, so my selection was very limited.  I chose this pic because it was pretty much the only one I had to work with!

The paper is SU, and the rest is from my stash!  The brown ribbon is ruffly, and I chose the blue ribbon to go on top to give a bit more dimension.  The pic shows Ayla's first Valentine's teddy bear and some pink onsies that were a gift from Gramma I believe. 

This is the March 08 page.  It says "I don't like beans!", because she didn't like beans!!  LOL!!  The beans in the middle of the page I found online.  I printed and cut them out.  The rest of the stuff was in my stash.

Thanks for looking!!  :)

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