Thursday, March 3, 2011


This is a page I did many years ago about my beloved grandpa.  We called him Pompa.  The picture is one I had taken  years ago with the old film disc cameras, don't know if anyone will remember those!!  Anyway, I also have this great picture of him when he was an employee at Eaton's, but it's huge!  My granny let me have it after he passed.  The poem and all the info came from the handout at his funeral, and the sand dollar is real, complete with sand even!!  I included the sand dollar because my Granny and Pompa had beach front property on a little island by Vancouver.  We always had to take the ferry to get there, and my favourite childhood memories are there.  One of my goals in life is to one day own that house.  I remember this being one of the first things I scrapbooked, and it's still my favourite today!  Just wanted to share it with y'all!!

Thanks for looking!!  :)

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