Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Exciting News!!

Hello all my lovely scrappy friends!!  It has been a good summer!!  How was your summer??  I'm sorry I haven't posted in forever!!  I just get caught up in life, and my computer doesn't always want to cooperate!!  How many of you have little ones going to school this year??  Tomorrow is my daughter's first day of kindergarten.  I plan on taking a picture of her holding a paper that says what she wants to be when she grows up!!  :)  Currently, that is a Barbie!!  And why not, she has everything!!

Anyway, I have recently signed up to be a Close To My Heart consultant.  At this point I don't have much intention of doing parties and going all out like I know a lot of you do, it is more for personal benefit.  I have no problem if someone wants to come out to my house and scrapbook for an evening, it is much preferable than trying to arrange a sitter for the kids and all that.  That being said, I am excited and may look into doing parties in the future, but for now, I am happy just getting a small discount on my supplies!! 

Happy crafting!!  :)

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  1. Happy first day of Kindergarten!! I hope that she loves school! :) Sammy has started gr 9 this year. Yikes! SO instead of helping her pick out her clothes I got to help pick out her makeup!! We got sparkle makeup and it looks pretty cool on her!! Congrats on the close to my heart rep! Make sure you send me an e-mail a week or so before you place an order in case I need something!! Also send me a catty!! :)