Saturday, September 3, 2011

Growing Up...

Well, it's September and that mean October is almost here!!  Sorta!!  Anyway, the next installment of the in-laws scrapbook is a double layout.  I don't do many of these because I find them to be quite challenging.  But while digging though all of my stuff I came across a "plan-a-page" called "rhythm" from EK Success.  It is a plastic grid with 8 different blocks, and a multitude of page options!!  And because I had lots of pictures, I figured this was exactly what I needed!!  Anyway, as per usual the most challenging part of scrapbooking for me is the paper.  Damned paper anyhow.  Sigh.  So the first page of the layout went really quickly with this plan a page.  All the pictures fit for the most part.  I had to get one printed a bit bigger to fit the large space, but that was easy enough to do thanks to Walmart!!  :)  Both pages are very simple with no embellies. So here they are:

Sorry for the poor photography, and the top one loading sideways.  These are random pics of the boys in their childhood  I used the plan a page for the bottom layout a bit differently.  It would have looked the same as the first, but the big pic had to be turned sideways, and I couldn't get it layed out like the first one.  Oh well, you get the idea!!  I used some calligraphy stickers to write "those were the days" and "growing up". 

Thanks for looking!!  :)


  1. Thanks Kara!! The plan-a-page came from the stuff I bought off you, so thanks!! :)