Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Christmas Cards!

When I find a moment, I am busy trying to get my Christmas cards done!!  Plus I still have to finish the inlaws scrapbook, and get going on my gifts which is going to be a box filled with cards.  It's not always easy finding the time, especially with two little ones running around, but even just 1 a day is better than nothing!!  :)  So here are the next few cards I have done.  They are really simple.  I don't want to get fancy or complicated, 1) because I am not that kind of scrapbooker, and 2) they need to be easily duplicated.  So here they are:


  1. Hi, Freya, cute cards! I have just started thinking about X-mas cards, but haven't decided what I want to do yet! Anyway, thought I'd pop by to introduce myself, I'm just before you in the blog hop list - can't wait, it's my first one, woohoo! PS - where is Groundbirch?

  2. Hi Roxy, this will be my first participant hop too!! I just hope I don't get anything mixed up!! Groundbirch is a rural community about 40kms from a little town called Dawson Creek (and no, nothing to do with the tv show!). I'm sure you've heard of the Alaska Highway, well Dawson Creek is the starting point. We get lots of tourists in the summer making the drive to Alaska. Anyway, good luck on the hop!! See you there!! :)